A school trip to remember

Puzzle-driven, curriculum-based treasure hunts around museum galleries.

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How it works

Treasure hunts based on school curriculums

Teams of 3-4 students will solve clues, find interesting objects and discover stories linked to their curriculum.

Find objects to solve riddles

Teams will need to find particular items to solve each clue. We'll give hints if they get stuck.

Multiple teams play at once

School hunts take place in a particular museum area. Clues are presented in a random order so teams don't follow each other.


How do I begin?

You will need to book a time slot with the museum for your visit. After purchasing the hunt you will be able to invite team leaders. Once invited, students will be able to manage their own progress through the hunt.

Does our school need to notify the museum that we are coming?

Yes. You will need to get in touch with the museum and book a time slot for your visit.

How many students can play at once?

We suggest teams of up to 4 students. Most school hunts can accommodate up to 15 teams playing simultaneously.

How will students receive clues?

Each team will need to have a team leader with a mobile phone. Your students can receive clues via text message or by Facebook Messenger.

Is student's data kept private?

Yes. 100%. Depending on how you want your students to receive clues, you will need to provide us with their phone numbers or email addresses. We don't share this information with anyone. We don't collect Facebook data from players using Facebook Messenger. See the footer of this page for a link to our full privacy policy.

How are the clues structured?

The first part of each clue tells students where to look in the gallery, then what to find. The last part will be a specific question about the special object. After sending the right answer, students receive information about the object they have just found relating it to the school syllabus. They will then receive the next clue.

What happens if students get stuck?

Students can request hints by messaging "where" or "what". Teachers will be able to access an answer sheet.

Can teachers see team progress?

Yes. Teachers can see progress, score and timings for each team.

How much does it cost?

Hunts start from £7.49 per team. So for a group of 40 students playing in groups of 4 the total cost would be £74.90. If you choose to play by text message a small surcharge will be added for each team to cover our costs for sending messages.

How much do text messages cost?

Any text messages your students send will be charged at their normal rate. If the student gets free texts as part of their mobile plan then messages they send will be free. We apply a small surcharge to teams playing by text message to cover the costs of us sending text messages.