Fun, challenging treasure hunts for groups
Easy to organise, self managed and from less than £2 per person

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How it works

Sign up & invite team leaders

The organiser can sign up in advance and invite team captains whenever they are ready, whether immediately or only on the day.

Teams solve a trail of clues

Team captains receive cryptic clues to their phone. Each clue leads to an interesting object where teams solve a riddle to get the next clue. Teams start 5 minutes apart from each other.

Organisers see team progress

As the organiser you can see team progress, how long they have taken and how many hints they needed. You can award prizes for speed, accuracy, or for being downright terrible at riddles.


No. You don’t need to book a particular day with us. Just make sure to check the museum’s opening hours. We advise making sure that the last team starts at least 3 hours before the museum closes.

We advise leaving at least 5 minutes between teams.

You should arrange a meeting place for teams to wait before they start their hunt, and where they can return to once they finish. Most museums have cafes, but there are also pubs nearby.

You will need their names, email addresses and, if playing by SMS, their UK phone numbers.