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by text message

Experience museums as you never have before with a puzzle-driven guided tour of hidden gems and secret stories.

Find a hunt

How to play

A treasure trail through your phone

We text you clues

We'll text you cryptic clues that lead you on a trail. Send us the answer to get the next clue.

Find objects to solve riddles

You'll need to find particular items to solve each clue. We'll give you hints if you get stuck.

Start when you're ready

After purchase you'll be sent the start location for your hunt. You can play any time the venue is open.


Clues are a mixture of riddles, puzzles and cryptic instructions.

Where, what, solve

The first part of each clue tells you where to go, then what to find. The last part will be a specific question about the special object. Send the right answer for the next clue!

CAPITALS = look at the letters

Cryptic clues are indicated by capital letters. For example, "An animal found around SENEGAL" could be SEAL, or a "messy FRINGE" could be FINGER.

Hints will help

Text "where" to find out where to go, "what" to see what you are looking for or "solve" to solve the clue and skip to the next question.


James Harwood


Josh Green

Communications and Partnerships manager