Experience museums as never before
Challenge yourself with a puzzle-driven guided tour of hidden gems and secret stories.

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Discover museums through a treasure hunt

You’ll receive clues to your mobile phone and every cryptic clue leads to a unique object in the museum. Reply with the right answer to get your next clue and follow the trial to see the best of the museum.

Solve puzzling clues

We'll send you cryptic clues that lead you on an enigmatic trail around the museum. Solve the puzzle and send us the answer to get your next clue.

Discover hidden gems

Go on a journey of uncovering the most interesting the museum has to offer. Each question ends with unique objects with fascinating facts.

Enjoy with friends

Enjoy the treasure hunt alone or with friends. All you need is a mobile phone and you can take as long as you need to complete the treasure hunt.


You can play alone or in a team. We recommend teams of 2-4 people. If you are a larger group, consider splitting into multiple teams and staggering your start times. Each team will have a team leader that can send and receive clues.

You can choose to receive the clues via Facebook Messenger or SMS.

If you need some help to solve a clue, we’ll give you some helpful hints. You can reply with "where" to find out where to go, "what" for a description of what you are looking for or "solve" to solve the clue and skip to the next question.

Yes. You can book online as soon as you have chosen which treasure hunt to do. We’ll send you an email with instructions to start, and then you can start at your leisure, whether that is an hour or a year later.

Yes. Book a hunt for multiple teams and you’ll be able to invite team captains whenever you are ready. As the organiser you’ll be able to see how each team performs, how long they take and how many hints they need, so you can turn it into a competition if you like!

There’s no time limit. Feel free to explore the museum at your own pace. Just make sure you check the museum's opening times before your visit and leave yourself enough time to finish the hunt.

You just need a mobile phone with enough battery to last a few hours.

If you decide to play by Facebook Messenger you’ll receive a welcome email with a link that will take you to our chatbot. Our chatbot will then tell you the exact location inside the venue where the hunt starts.

If you play by SMS then you’ll receive a text message from our chatbot automatically.

Yes. Texting our chatbot is like texting a local friend. If you get text messages as part of your phone plan then it’ll be free to text our chatbot. You’re not charged for receiving messages.

Check with the venue to see if they are accessible. Our routes tend to span the whole museum which can mean traversing a lot of stairs. Not all stairwells will have lift, so wheelchair users may have to find alternative routes between floors.